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Presenter resources

Thanks for being a part of the Professional Staff Conference 2022. The resources below may help with planning, creating and delivering your session.

If you find any other resources that might be helpful please feel free to send us the link and we will add them here.

If you have questions, or want to talk through your plan with someone please do get in touch on

Related LinkedIn Learning content

LinkedIn Learning has a ton of excellent resources focussed on presentations and workshops. Don’t feel you need to watch the courses in their entirety. Just pick and choose what makes the most sense for your experience and context.

How to Create and Run a Brilliant Remote Workshop (course) by Dave Birss

Creating and Giving Business Presentations (course) by Tatiana Kolovou

Engaging your Virtual Audience (course) by Cassandra Worthy

Managing your Anxiety While Presenting (course) by Matt Abrahams

Presenting Yourself Online (video) by Chris Nodder

Other videos

Top Tips for Presenting by Don Townsend

These tips are not specific to online presentations, but you may find some useful transferable tips.

Resources on the web (originally compiled by Edaucase)

Top Ten Slide Design Tips by Garr Reynolds

Create a Presentation Your Audience Will Care About by Nancy Duarte

Poster Sessions by the Writing Center at Colorado State University

The TED Commandments as reported by Tim Longhurst

10 Tips for Delivering a Riveting Webinar by Rob Biesenbach

We Don't Seek Your Perfection, Only Your Authenticity by Garr Reynolds featuring Dr. Brene Brown

The Role of a Facilitator Resources from MindTools

The Great Facilitator by Bob Zimmerman

Facilitation Fundamentals by Ron Milam

How to Write a Good Speech by Daniel Pink

Life After Death by PowerPoint by Don McMillan

Can You Create a High-Level Presentation? by JoAnn Baney from Columbia University

The Secrets of Awesome PowerPoint Handouts by Laura Foley

What does it mean to be authentic? by Sarah Archer

How to Give an Awesome (PowerPoint) Presentation by Wienot Films

5 Tips for the Best Webinars by Scott Skibell

Invitation to Learn How to Moderate a Panel Discussion by Kristin Arnold

Creating Inclusive Programmes & Events, Resources for Presenters (see page 11 in the toolkit, Inclusion Guide for Speakers and Inclusion Guide for Facilitators) by Change Catalyst

Inclusive Language by Courtney Seiter

A Note from Your Colleagues With Hearing Loss: Just Use a Microphone Already by Jessie B. Ramey